Monday, 26 December 2011

Violent night

My effort for the 2000AD forum Xmas advent calendar from 2010. I produced page 1 more quickly that page 2 and I prefer the looser quality. There are references that non-readers of Judge Dredd might not get. Page 1 panel 4 shows Judge Death – one of the dark Judges. Slab = pavement / sidewalk. Mutie = a mutant – they have largely been kicked out of Mega City One and are discriminated against. The character on page 2 panel 1 is a mutant who appeared in the brilliant Dredd tale 'Sex, Vi and Vidslugs' written by Al Ewing and drawn by Mike Collins (see review). Perp = perpetrator, criminal. Resyk = where the dead go for body parts to be recycled.  

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